Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wednesday 13

This picture of Liz Vicious, a model I use more often than most to express my female persona Stephanie, reminded me of how the lead singer of Wednesday 13 looked.

And then it reminded me of the band itself. And THAT reminded me that I wanted to talk about them a little bit because it's been on my mind.

The last time I gave a damn, they had two CDs out and I had-- and still have-- one of them: Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, the Dying, and the Dead. At 16 I thought it was okay. Name one 16-year old into metal, particularly black metal at the time, that doesn't think the same way, though. This was some 5 years ago, and here's my thoughts on it now:

I don't know why I liked Wednesday 13 to begin with. It was some asshole who used to be my best friend that got me into them to begin with and while songs about the supernatural are okay in moderate doses, it's certainly nothing to build three albums around. We have enough of those bands as it is-- Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Dope...basically anything that describes the undead or the dead or sounds like someone that's going to describe the dead would describe Wednesday 13, who I think a one-trick pony nowadays. How many times can you sing of a skeleton before I stop giving a shit about skeletons?

I don't know. This is more a band that should only play on Halloween and then never again until next year. Otherwise, it's pointless and repetitive. Leave that shit to more famous bands than the fucking Murderdolls, another band I don't care for.

That's my opinion on it, though. If you like Wednesday 13, that's fine too...perhaps moreso. I have the album somewhere lying's just the CD though. If you want it, come talk to me.

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