Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shaving My Legs and Playing Negotiator

Yesterday I spent a good half hour in the shower shaving my legs. After losing a cup or so of blood, the end result is, well, kind of half-assed but it worked when I slid pantyhose on. However, there are marks in which I shaved too close that burn like hell now. And it feels kind of weird, considering this is the first time I've done it.

Anyway, there's no new TG Captions today, either. I haven't really gotten the motivation to write anything-- my novel, TG Captions, handwritten comics...anything. Perhaps when I finish the video games that's eating up the majority of my time, I'll be able to locate wherever my motivation went. That is, unless someone stole it. I'm looking at you, there, reader.

So that's all I got today. Stay tuned, I might be able to negotiate the release of my motivation....pending it isn't killed first. I have to go see what this kidnapper's demands are.

Edit: When I say half-assed, I mean I took a look and about half my ass is shaved. XD

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