Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plug of the Week, 7/17/2011-7/23/2011

Beginning the first week of spontaneous sponsoring, I would like to highlight sp2000's blog. A nice person all around, she allows me to feel more at ease :)

This be the link to her caption blog: if you're like me, you would want to check out the link below it ;)
sp2000's tg caption blog

(For the one that shares the same favorite ;) ):

Changing Room Urge


  1. You're really too kind plugging my blog like this. Especially since I just can't get around to doing the same for anybody else. :(

    I see you liked that caption. I've been meaning to do another like it, but have no inspiration.

    Thanks again for the plug.

  2. Oh, it's quite alright, I don't mind doing stuff like this once in a while ;)