Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playin' Petra

In the interest of sharing captions amongst the TG community, I'll be spending the next couple of posts posting my favorite captions out of the catalog of TG caption artists and then posting a link back so you can  check out even more of their work and appreciate them the way I do. :)

This post is my personal picks of Playin Petra's works. An admin at the Haven, and though I don't speak with her as often as I should (or with anyone for that matter), she seems the nice person and her work is great, as evidenced by the caption she made for me. However, she isn't as active anymore within the Haven nor is she making captions. :( Her work is Haven-exclusive, so again, if you haven't signed up for the forums, you probably should-- it's the only way you'll see her archives of captions.

That said, here are samples of her work (and my favorites!):

Bachelor Auction:
Back To The Ironing Board:
Spicing Up A Boring Room:

Cursed Latex:


Change Me Back:

Two Hours Late:

(btw: Closest I got to a name for the above model was Aoife Rogers)

You Are What You Wear:
and Those Boots Are Special:

Again, for more of Petra's-- and many other's-- captions, make an account at the Haven. Don't delay-- I'll see you there :)

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