Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In the interest of sharing captions amongst the TG community, I'll be spending the next couple of posts posting my favorite captions out of the catalog of TG caption artists and then posting a link back so you can  check out even more of their work and appreciate them the way I do. :)

This post is a list of my favorites penned by Nadine, a girl who needs no introduction but gets one anyway. Her blog is Nadine the Teasing Marquise and, in addition to her work on the blog, she also makes Haven-exclusive captions you should definitely check out by signing up for Rachel's Haven today!

Now, the favorites in question of mine, which include this one she made for me, are:

All Her Life, Or Not:

Becoming A Temptress:
Boundary Event:
Different Opinion of the Future Friendship:


and Perfect Plan:

You'll note that these are all blog exclusives and none from the Haven themselves. Well, that's because you need to sign up at the Haven, strike up a convo with yours truly and I'll point you to them. You can even talk to Nadine and trade captions with her yourself and see if she can't make a favorite of yours!

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