Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In the interest of sharing captions amongst the TG community, I'll be spending the next couple of posts posting my favorite captions out of the catalog of TG caption artists and then posting a link back so you can  check out even more of their work and appreciate them the way I do. :)

This post is dedicated to Alectra, who a year ago made this caption for me and is an all-around great gal. Her blog is Alectra's Playgrounds and she, too, is a Haven member like myself and like you should be right now. :D

My favorite captions of hers:

Opposite Change:

Alien Symbiote:

And Breakthrough Symbiote:

And, as always, she has a few Haven exclusive captions herself. You're just going to have to sign up and see them for yourself. ;)

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