Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's For Dessert?

Guest caption from Sasha (tgcomix) at the Haven. Enjoy because A.) it's good and B.) I told you to. :)


  1. Lovely cap. Sorry to hear you been having such difficulty getting motivated to make caps. I can relate. It seems my motivation/inspiration comes in spurts, no up intended ;)

    I know it's easy to say that there are tons of people making more and better caps than you, but I think you'll find that's not really the case. There are some gems out there, but the vast majority are poorly written, poorly crafted, low-quality crap that you would never put your name on.

    You make nice stuff when you're of a mind to... Not everybody CAN.


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  2. "no up intended" = no PUN intended

    I hate the virtual IPAD keyboard :(

  3. Thank you for your kindness, Steffi. It has not gone unappreciated :)