Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rockin' Girls

No, I don't have a TG caption yet. I do, however, want to share some of my rock-girl crushes with you. The main one I have currently is Talena Atfield.

30-year old former bassist of Kittie, I'm not sure what the hell she's doing nowadays. I'm betting, though, that she looks just as good as she does in the pictures above. She looks like she's pretty cool, too. Just about the prettiest girl this side of Lyn-Z and Emma Anzai. Speaking of whom....

There's Lyn-Z, bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence....

And here's Emma Anzai, of Sick Puppies.



  1. Meg White's not up here! Are you insane?!

    Haha :P you have some excellent taste in women though

  2. Maybe she'll appear in a future installment of Rockin' Girls ;)