Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going Swimming

Final caption for today. Go nuts!


  1. "... {oh, damn!} thought Martin as the sun warmed his soft skin, (why the hell is seeing that bulge growing in Randy's swimming trunks making me feel wetter inside this bodysu- uhm, wait! the sun feels like it's beating right on... my... own... TITS!?!} ..."

    Or, something like that?

  2. I probably should do continuations of my more popular caps, now that I think about it...though it'd be more interesting to see the continuations other people come up with ;)

  3. I like this cap, but my OCD forces me to point out that the girl in the pic is Sarina Valentina, a transsexual porn star (she has a penis... Not that that's entirely a bad thing, but as I said, OCD... My brain finds it odd that a cap about becoming a woman uses a shemale photo)

    1. Huh. In that case, Sarina's doing a hell of a good job if I can't tell at all she's a man. It's definitely the boobs. The boobs'll throw you off majorly. :p