Sunday, February 12, 2012


I put a poll up recently asking what the theme of the next caption should be. I can't say I was surprised by the results, but appreciative nonetheless. Of the 30 that voted,

  • 14 voted for bodysuits
  • 5 wanted magical trinkets and the like
  • Another 5 wanted magical clothing
  • 2 wanted Bikini Beach 
  • 4 wanted either Symbiote-esque stories or a continuation of the series I have going on said subject and
  • Nobody wanted Great Shift captions. I don't blame you-- there's two blogs dedicated almost entirely to the subject (that is, two more well-known blogs), not to mention that I suck at making them (I can't really get into them, mind you). 
Based on these results, I'll probably (and arbitrarily) put up 14 bodysuit captions, 5 magical trinket captions, 5 magical clothing captions, 4 continuations of the Symbiote series I have or something entirely different, and 2 Bikini Beach captions, all of which I hope will be up on this blog by the end of March, latest.

So keep a look out until then.

On a side note, what brain dead executive thought the show 'Work It' (ABC series that lasted 10 days before being pulled for being atrocious) was a good idea?

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