Monday, August 12, 2013

Hell of a Year

Aaaaaaaaaand I'm back again with two captions! Here's the first, a capback for JaySeaver at the Haven for her 'Flying While...' cap. Enjoy!
To be honest, I've been sitting on this image for a while. Quite a sexy one, too. Millions of stories could be told here and I chose this one. What do you picture when you see this photo?

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  1. Of course, it is a lovely tale you've composed for Jay, Stephanie!

    Since you've asked for others' thoughts on the image, here's an alternate view.

    "The Cascade Effect"
    Jay had suspected the big-pharma company was allowing some leakage into the water supply, all he needed to do was document it. He asked Steve to help him by gathering photographic evidence from the downstream side of the plant, but as the pair collected samples & shots while they ascended the rocky falls, its roiling mists seemed to induce strange sensations. But, with public health in the balance, the two pressed upward toward the plant's emissions.

    Their steps became lighter and their bodies more agile, until, reaching the top, Jae posed, looking over her shoulder at Steph. Camera buzzing, the shutter-bug said, "Yeah, work-it, Jae! A hard-body on the hard rocks! Beauty & the barren boulders! these will make wonderful additions to your portfolio, girlfriend! And modeling agency would be nuts not to sign a hottie like you!"
    "Thanks, Steven, but we've really got a problem here! Some of those shot will need to be used as evidence of contamination! The rest can go to some agencies."

    Or, something like that... maybe?!