Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Jade

Coming up with a title for this, I was reminded of a YouTube video with the same name: "Meet Jade". It shows this cute looking girl thumbing through index cards describing a torturous school life and how bullying really fucks with anyone's mind. There were rumors spouting about that she had killed herself three days after the video's broadcast; other rumors placed her not only alive, but a hypocrite that bullies the mentally challenged; others called her a whore. I, personally, don't care what she is. The important thing is the message she was trying to get across: Think before you decide to make fun of someone. Do you know them well enough to 'joke around'? Or are they just a target for slander? Do you hate them because of something they did, something you heard they did, or just because everyone else seems to and it would look bad if you didn't? Is that person that different from you that you feel you need to ostracize him? Think about it.

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